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1 Biologist jokes
- An 8th grade boy was doing some research for his career report at school. He asks his dad, "Fath...Read the whole joke
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- A University had advertised for two biologists to help in their mammalogy department, specifical...Read the whole joke
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- A wildlife biologist is working in the woods, miles from the nearest town. He's camped alone wit...Read the whole joke
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- A young biologist was sitting on a stump at the edge of their camp. On his face was the saddes...Read the whole joke
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- There were these two Engineers who decided they would go moose hunting in the backwoods of Briti...Read the whole joke
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- A biologist from the North Pole was showing a new recruit the ropes of a polar bear radio tracki...Read the whole joke
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- A group of goose biologists were meeting to brainstorm about the migration tactics of Canada g...Read the whole joke
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- A biologist had been working on a remote research project in the Amazon jungle. Upon his retur...Read the whole joke
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- An old mountain man in Arkansas was sick and bedridden. He had not been outdoors for a few wee...Read the whole joke
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- "A bloke walks into a pub, and asks for a pint of Adenosinetriphosphate. The barman says "That'...Read the whole joke
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