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# Title Category Hits Rating
1 Blonde Suicide
- A blonde went to the emergency room with the tip of her left index finger blown off."How did this ha...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 30 0
2 The Bobbitt Hillbillies!
- Ballad of the Bobbitt Hillbillies! Sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies:Here's a little story...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 45 0
3 Blonde on a Cruise!
- A Blonde walks into a Restaraunt, and she goes straight to the bulletin board in the back. She looks...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 38 0
4 The Aligator Blonde!
- A young blonde was on vacation in the depths of Louisiana. She wanted a pair of genuine alligator sh...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 43 0
5 Blonde Inventions!
- The top 10 inventions by Blondes:1) The water-proof towel 2) Solar powered flashlight 3) Submarine s...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 42 0
6 Death in the Family!
- A brunette walks over to her Blonde friends home and finds her crying. "What happened...why are you ...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 65 0
7 The Brass Rat
- A man walked into a curio store and was looking around. After awhile, he chose a brass rat and broug...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 30 0
8 If Men were made by Kodak!
- Wouldn't it be great if men were made by Kodak!They would automatically shut off when they weren't b...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 64 0
9 Noah and the Ark.
- The Lord spoke to Noah and said, "Noah, in six months I am going to make it rain until the whole wor...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 27 0
10 The 4 engineers.
- Once there were four engineers traveling in a car. While they were traveling to their destination th...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 61 0
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